Quantum Theory in Narrative


Whenever I complete any kind of artistic expression, such as a movie, game, book, or traditional piece of artwork, I always like to sit back and think on what that particular work brings to society.  Everything exists for a reason.  That reason could be vapid or greedy, it could be troubling or even predatory.  But as consumers it is our assignment to uncover these reasons and make them known.

Perhaps it has a beautiful artstyle or pushes itself as a social commentary.  Perhaps it just wants to see you have fun or challenge the mind.  Art reflects life as the old saying goes and life itself as meaning.  So is it a stretch to assume all art has meaning too?

The meaning of a work can sometimes be to teach consumers about foreign or difficult-to-grasp concepts.  And sometimes in a way that encourages people to do their own research after putting the work down.  That was the inspiration behind my thesis on how one would incorporate quantum theory into narrative.

The trilogy of video games I am covering with this thesis incorporates this topic into its plot in a way that’s intriguing, relevant, and encourages further research.  This series got me interested in quantum theory, and I would love to explain why.

Hey everyone, welcome to Shepherd Armory!

This is the hub for everything involving myself, Gamedawg!  Like a lot of people nowadays, I’ve been gaming for the majority of my life. And now I’m giving back to medium by creating my own games as well as making video walkthroughs and Let’s Plays of games that I love or believe deserve more attention.  I’ve been very active on the internet for 7+ years, so I feel I know my way around.  Let’s have some fun!
I am 21 years old and grew up in Maine my entire life. It’s a beautiful place, with lots of beaches, lighthouses, and good people.  I aspire to create indie games for a living, so I’m currently working towards Computer Science & New Media majors.  I also practice drawing a lot in my free time, for I’d like to do all of my own artwork as well.
For me, Let’s Plays have always been a great way to show off games, spark discussion, learn new things, and endorse lesser-known indie projects.  I play a variety of games for my channel, the majority of them being RPGs and small indie projects.  I have a mentality that every game deserves to have a Let’s Play of it.  There’s a lot out there, and not every game gets its time in the spotlight.  I know it’s unrealistic for me to play every game, but I like to do what I can.
I’ve also been very interested in creating games for several years now.  I have a lot of stories I would like to tell, and I feel games are the best medium for me to share them.  The majority of the games I create are planned to be a series of unique RPGs.  I’ve always been a fan of the genre and how they encourage and explore storytelling, experimentation, statistics and strategy.  I feel I’ve played enough in my life both on camera and personally to create a fun one myself.