Monster Box ver5.1

This week an update is added that adds a nice little visual to the game.  At the top of the game window, there is constantly a bar detailing how many monsters are on the screen relative to how many monsters can be in screen before you get a game over.  Now that bar is color coded.  Every enemy type is now a different color on the bar and it helps detail what’s taking up most of the enemy count.

Stick Ranger ver18.8

Today we have a new compo item that is dropped by the boss of the Volcano.  It’s called the Anger Crown, and it’s quite weird.  It applies a variety of effects to your characters whenever you get a level up.  It’s an unusual effect for this point in the game because by the time you complete the Volcano, you’re likely to not have many levels left to go before reaching the level cap.

Rhythm Editor ver1.9

Today they’ve created a new update that adds a brand new type of instrument to the game.  It’s a line, that vibrates and plays music like the strings on a guitar.  There is also a new sound, “Acoustic Guitar.”  It’s neat new idea, and I hope we see a lot more new instruments in the future.