Stick Ranger ver18.3

Yay!  New weapons!  Here we go…


Sonic Cestus-  It’s an upgraded version of the Sonic Claw, sporting more damage and I think more range.

Frozen GreatSword-  An upgrade to the last frozen sword, however this one throws out freezing icicles that do more damage.

Hell Fire Shot-  When the arrows from this weapon hit enemies, they turn into fire spears.

Thunderbolt-  Throws an orb outwards that creates a pillar of light.  This pillar deals incredible damage.

Power Rod-  The power staves are in my opinion the worst weapons for the Priest, and this is just an upgraded version of that.

Homing Laser Wave-  This weapon is fun.  It fires several waves that fly all around the screen.  They sort of home.

Explosion Morning Star-  Yeah!  Another explosion weapon!  This one is simply more powerful.

Charge God-  Another upgrade to my favorite weapon type for the Angel.  It summons a cloud to deal damage.

Rhythm Editor ver1.1

A very simple update today.  They added two new features of Rhythm Editor.  The first is the ability to select a certain block on the screen and edit when it plays.  This is actually something I sort of wanted, and it’s implemented very well.  Secondly, is the ability to move and drag blocks.  Very nice, since there’s always the threat of a misclick.

Rhythm Editor ver1.0

So today we have an interesting.  Earlier this week I posted a poll asking what people think the next update was going to be.  And apparently the majority of us were wrong.  What they actually created was a whole new game.  One in which you play around with sound and create rhythm.

The game gives you 16 instruments to choose from, and you place boxes that emit sounds when you hold your mouse on them.  The sounds are really easy on the ears and fun to play around with.

I can’t wait to see what else they can add to this.


Try it yourself:

Stick Ranger ver18.2

Today they added the 7th level of cards to the game.  These were given to some monsters (mostly bosses) that prior did not drop items.  Some of these are really good.  Many of them are your typical upgrades.  The two I find the most notable were the Bullet’s Card 7, which increases the projectiles you fire by 150%, and the Quick’s Card 7, which decreases you agility by 60%.

Stick Ranger ver18.1

Sorry, but I’m going to keep this one brief since I’m very busy this weekend.  There’s a new set of jewels this week, all of which can be found in Hell 7 & Hell 8.  They’re all basic upgrades to the previous jewels, which is great!  I did notice an odd discrepancy between what the Book says each monster drops, and what they actually drop, but after resetting the game a few hours later it seems to have fixed itself.


Play it yourself here:

Stick Ranger ver18.0

Another Stick Ranger update.  This time they added a new set of crystals to the game.  The Black/Silver/Red/Yellow/Purple Crystals have all received a 7th level, and they’re pretty cool.

Unfortunately there really isn’t much to say on this one.  They’re just better versions of the crystals.  The most notable thing to me was that they were all found in Cavern 7 and 8, so it appears that they might not be done adding new items to old areas.  That’s pretty much is though.  A simple but nice update!

Stick Ranger ver17.9

Yet another Stick Ranger level.  This time they added Hell Gate, which is actually located after an overlapping in the map, something which as never happened before.  The level is very similar to Castle Gate way at the beginning of the game.  The enemies are similar, the boss is similar, even the texture in the ground is more or less identical.  It’s pretty cool, and it’s a really challenging level as well.


Play it yourself here:

Stick Ranger ver17.8

More weapons!  Sorry for being a day late on this, but I had a little trouble getting my saves to work properly.  Regardless, they have added some weapons for the monsters in Hell 8 to drop, so let’s go through them like we did last time.

Spark Cestus-  This one is pretty cool looking, but I fear it’s a little impracticable.  What it does is it’s a thunder charge weapon that releases these tiny sparks all around the boxer.  Seconds later, they deal damage.

Flame Great Sword-  Yay!  An upgrade to the Flame Sword.  This one basically has the same function as the last, but it deals more damage.  I think the flames last even longer too.

Oct Poison Shot-  This one is a tad underwhelming.  It fires 8 poisonous arrows forwards.  It’s not an arching weapon, so it can hit from quite a distance.  Unfortunately it’s damage it pitiful and I think there are better poison alternatives anyway.

Pyroclastic Flow-  This is actually an upgrade to the Lava.  And wow, it is strong.  It seems to fire multiple smaller lavas out at once, meaning that it can deal decent damage even to airborne enemies.

Giga Exp Rod-  I like this one a lot.  It forms a red circle over every enemy, and then has it explode.  The cool thing is that these explosions can damage other enemies in it’s range, so if many enemies are on top of each other, it can sort of multiply the damage.

Rocket Launcher-  It fires a large shot forward that causes a small explosion that deals great damage.  All for a good price.

Poison Morning Star-  It pretty much just seems like a literal upgrade from the last poisonous whip.  I like this one quite a bit.

Quick God-  The Angel’s quick weapons have always seemed a bit underwhelming, and this one is no exception.  The Quick God does have a cool feature though in that it’s actually a magic weapon.  When it charges, it causes a small explosion.  And this goes off quite often.


Play it yourself here:

Stick Ranger ver17.7

Well I didn’t expect another Stick Ranger level so soon.  Today they added Hell 8 to the mix.  Honestly, after playing it it didn’t really give me that much trouble.  The enemies were fairly easy except for these firebreathing eels and it isn’t that long either.  The boss is interesting.  It swarms you with a bunch of enemies, the boss of which is the same size and fires a single huge projectile.

One thing I find kind of interesting however is where the level is located on the map.  It doesn’t really seem to go anywhere, and in fact sort of goes in on itself up a mountain.  I’m going to imagine the next level is south of that, and I’m interested to see what it has in store.

Try it yourself here: