Stick Ranger ver18.3

Yay!  New weapons!  Here we go…


Sonic Cestus-  It’s an upgraded version of the Sonic Claw, sporting more damage and I think more range.

Frozen GreatSword-  An upgrade to the last frozen sword, however this one throws out freezing icicles that do more damage.

Hell Fire Shot-  When the arrows from this weapon hit enemies, they turn into fire spears.

Thunderbolt-  Throws an orb outwards that creates a pillar of light.  This pillar deals incredible damage.

Power Rod-  The power staves are in my opinion the worst weapons for the Priest, and this is just an upgraded version of that.

Homing Laser Wave-  This weapon is fun.  It fires several waves that fly all around the screen.  They sort of home.

Explosion Morning Star-  Yeah!  Another explosion weapon!  This one is simply more powerful.

Charge God-  Another upgrade to my favorite weapon type for the Angel.  It summons a cloud to deal damage.

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