Stick Ranger ver17.8

More weapons!  Sorry for being a day late on this, but I had a little trouble getting my saves to work properly.  Regardless, they have added some weapons for the monsters in Hell 8 to drop, so let’s go through them like we did last time.

Spark Cestus-  This one is pretty cool looking, but I fear it’s a little impracticable.  What it does is it’s a thunder charge weapon that releases these tiny sparks all around the boxer.  Seconds later, they deal damage.

Flame Great Sword-  Yay!  An upgrade to the Flame Sword.  This one basically has the same function as the last, but it deals more damage.  I think the flames last even longer too.

Oct Poison Shot-  This one is a tad underwhelming.  It fires 8 poisonous arrows forwards.  It’s not an arching weapon, so it can hit from quite a distance.  Unfortunately it’s damage it pitiful and I think there are better poison alternatives anyway.

Pyroclastic Flow-  This is actually an upgrade to the Lava.  And wow, it is strong.  It seems to fire multiple smaller lavas out at once, meaning that it can deal decent damage even to airborne enemies.

Giga Exp Rod-  I like this one a lot.  It forms a red circle over every enemy, and then has it explode.  The cool thing is that these explosions can damage other enemies in it’s range, so if many enemies are on top of each other, it can sort of multiply the damage.

Rocket Launcher-  It fires a large shot forward that causes a small explosion that deals great damage.  All for a good price.

Poison Morning Star-  It pretty much just seems like a literal upgrade from the last poisonous whip.  I like this one quite a bit.

Quick God-  The Angel’s quick weapons have always seemed a bit underwhelming, and this one is no exception.  The Quick God does have a cool feature though in that it’s actually a magic weapon.  When it charges, it causes a small explosion.  And this goes off quite often.


Play it yourself here:

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