Stitched is a horror game made with RPGMaker.  I received a code from the developers for the purpose of playing this for the channel.  The story follows a girl who supposedly died and then woke up in a facility with a much more doll-like appearance.  There are a lot of dolls in this one.



Try the game yourself here:



Cuphead is a run-and-gun platformer with a wide variety of bosses; and it’s all within the style of a 1930s cartoon.  This is probably my personal game of the year, and I just had to do a playthough of it.

This isn’t any normal playthrough however.  Orange Panda is joining me again as we talk over this game in the form of post commentary.  In addition, all bosses are replaced with their Expert mode counterparts for an added challenge.


Max, an Autistic Journey

Autism is a developmental disorder typically diagnosed in children that makes communication between peers more difficult, as well as various other quirks.  Max, an Autistic Journey is game created by a father and son, based off of a day in the life of a young individual with autism.  The game itself is in the style of a top-down RPG, and uses the active imagination of Max in order to overcome everyday challenges.

I really enjoy this game.  It sort of reminds me of an Earthbound-like with how a lot of the monsters and obstacles are down to Earth.  However the context of using the active imagination of somebody with autism to rationalize it all makes it much more real.

The game is also very educational as well.  Everything aspect of how autism is portrayed is well-researched or at least drawn from real-life experiences.  There is a lot here, yet it’s sown into the narrative in a way that makes sense.  Overall it results in M,AAJ coming off as one of the most subtle PSA games I’ve ever played, and the fact that it is also a fantastic RPGMaker experience makes it that much more special.

I received a code form the developers to showcase this project.  As someone diagnosed with autism at a young age myself who plays a lot of RPGMaker, I really wanted to share this fun game with the world.