Pokemon Clover

Pokemon Clover is a fangame created by a dedicated community on 4chan. I’m not particularly familiar with the site, although I am aware of some of the jokes and stories they are known for. Clover embraces a lot of these jokes. Many of the Pokemon in this game are inspired by in-jokes, memes, and even some offensive material. In spite of all that though it’s a lot better designed than you would think. That’s mostly why I’m playing this. I was just too curious.

Pizza Express

Pizza Express is a restaurant simulator by Onni Interactive.  You join a group of friends who inherit a pizzeria and run it until you become the best pizza place in the world!  Pizza, garlic bread, scandals, food shows, hospitalization, this game has it all!


Play along and try the game yourself here:  http://store.steampowered.com/app/375250/


Earthbound Zero

I have always been a huge fan of Earthbound-likes.  RPGs are probably my favorite genre of game if you can’t tell by how much I play them, so I’ve always been a fan of how these sorts of games tend to deconstruct the idea and present interesting questions about how we play.  To date I’ve played two Earthbound-likes; Undertale and Off, however I’ve never done a playthough before of a game that actually has the Earthbound name.  Fun fact, this is also to date the oldest game I have done a playthough of.  I’m excited for this one!