Cubenen Gardens: Part 3 (Customer Negligence)

Seaglass and his friends head northwards towards the city’s local mall. It is a building so large that it counts as its own district. There they must defeat the challenge of manager Octave and her twisting supermarket. A new member is also added to the team, someone technically alive this time.

Cubenen Gardens: Part 2 (Golf and Garbage)

Part 2 of the Cubenen Gardens tale is out and things are starting to go underway. With the rules of the trials laid out Seaglass and his friends head to the Middle District in order to challenge a golfer at his favorite profession. They do get sidetracked however, and meet some new and interesting faces.

Cubenen Gardens: Part 1 (Flashing Lights, Useless Magic)

Cubenen Gardens is a story originally conceived back in late 2015 about a young cartoon skunk who explores a city with his friends in order to complete challenges and become the next king of the city.  At first it started as a video game idea, a strange adventure inspired by quirky, humorous RPGs designed to subvert expectations and just be weird.  But after many reworkings I’ve turned it into a book series with an identity of its own.

Flashing Lights, Useless Magic is the first book in this multi-part series.  It’s an introduction to the world of The Gardens, the types of people inhabiting it, and the trial that our hero must undergo.

The third chapter of this book is available on Google Docs as a sample, and can be found here.  Some things are not explained, but I feel that adds to the mystery.


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