Stick Ranger ver18.4

Man, this update is something a lot of us have been waiting for for a long time.  Around 8 years to be exact.  On they day, they have finally added a final boss to this beloved game.  It’s been quite a long journey, so here we go.

The boss looks similar to the very first mega boss of the game, Castle Boss.  However this one has a crown, as if to signify that he’s the true ruler of this world.  He also has by far the most attacks I have ever seen from a single enemy.  He appears to possess an attack of every element, so getting through this fight without taking several hits is probably a near impossibility.

The fight is very difficult, though I noticed that using a slowing weapon makes this fight a lot easier.  I used Ice Missile for example, what anything with the slow effect will work great.

An attention to detail I didn’t notice when I first defeated the boss was that instead of the sign leading back to world map saying “Map”, it says “End”.  So that’s even further proof that this is the final confrontation of the game.  I can see them potentially adding a few more items and maybe even a bonus stage or two, but for the most part this might be the end of Stick Ranger.  It’s been quite a journey.

It goes without saying that I love this game.  So even if this is the final update to the game, I probably won’t be finished playing the it.  Stick Ranger has anyways been one of my favorite games, both to play casually and to Let’s Play.  Even more it was also the first game I ever Let’s Played.  It’s a game that introduced me to this hobby in the first place.

I mentioned this in my video too, but I might consider making Stick Ranger sort of a game I would play again every year or two on stream or something.  I feel it’s a game that suits my channel very well, and people really like it.  Maybe in the future we can experiment with crazier teams or unusual challenges to make the game more interesting.  Heck, maybe I could Let’s Play the mobile version as well.  We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  But for now, a long and amazing journey has come to an end.  We’ve done it fellow Stick Ranger fans, we have completed one of our favorite games!

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