Stick Ranger ver17.6

Yay!  New Stick Ranger weapons!  I had a look through them and a lot of them look really cool.  So let’s go though them really quick.

Needle Cestus – This one is like its previous version, except it fires 60 tiny needles and in a less wide range, leading more of them to hit enemies.

Lightsaber 8 – It’s no surprise that the lightsaber is my favorite Gladiator weapon, so it delights me to see them add another upgrade for it.  It’s just more powerful, what else can I say?

Vigintuple Arrow – This thing fires 20 arrows at once apparently.  That is pretty impressive, especially with a Bullet’s Card.

Ice Missile – This one it cool.  It fires a three-way shot out at enemies that pierces through multiple fores.  It even has the cold effect too.  Dare I say it, I might finally replace my beloved Ice Meteor with this thing.  It is my favorite weapon in the game, but this Ice Missile is extremely powerful while not feeling like a weird downgrade.  That and it still has that cold effect, which I like.

Freeze Exp Rod – It’s an upgrade to the last freezing rod by dealing more damage.

Slow Laser Gun – The laser weapons are probably my favorite for the Gunner, and this one is an upgrade in which the laser beams move slower.  This is a neat change because it lets the lasers stay on enemies easier, which leads to multiple hits.

Thorn Morning Star – Like the Needle Cetus, this upgrade fires more needles in a denser range.  It doesn’t look nearly as impressive, but it’s more powerful.

Power God – It’s a very powerful ring with no magical abilities.

Man, quite a lot of upgrades.  Many of these are very fun and I’ll probably be replacing many of my weapons with them.


Try it yourself here:

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