Monster Box ver4.6

Whoa!  They added a lot of new medals today.  12 to be exact.  It seems like ha55ii is now adding medals to the game that make it impossible to get each and every one in a single playthough.  Kind of an interesting way to do it considering how incremental games usually work.

So what the new medals do is they award the player for achieving a high enough total level, total money, or total DPS all while having all of your rangers be of a certain class.  It doesn’t matter which one, in fact, it appears there’s one for doing this with each class, but each of your rangers needs to be the same exact class in order for these achievements to work.

I’ll be playing around with this and seeing which medals I can get.  I’ll probably focus on the Gladiator or the Sniper since I find those 2 classes to be the best in Monster Box right now.  Video tomorrow with the results as well as any new information I can find!


Play it yourself here:

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