Simple Jumping Game

I wanted to get a bit used to how Game Maker work, so I made this very simple platformer over the course of the a few days.  The controls are simple, you can cling to celings, and you can also skip to any level using the 1 through 0 keys.  You can also collect a coin in every level, although they really don’t do anything.

There’s not much to this game, but it was a fun learning experience.  Play it if you’d like!


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Shepherdmancer is an RPG puzzler about saving sheep from evil monsters. Collect skills and abilities as you make your way through 25 levels and utilize them to overcome great challenges!

Before each encounter, you are shown what you’re going to be going up against. Then you select a moveset of skills from the variety of abilities you’ve accumulated. The journey will be tough, but you’ll be well equipped.

Fight your way through seashells, shields, mushrooms, horseshoe crabs, clouds and backpacks! Can you defeat Tablesalt the evil cat king?

The game is currently available on and Steam Greenlight.  You can find it’s links here!

Tamer Island

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Tamer Island is a freeware game created using RPG Maker VX Ace. For my first game, I wanted to keep it simple, while incorporating a lot of elements I would like to include in the majority of my games in the future. Some of these include a large cast of characters (monsters in this case) which you can mix and match in your team, various mechanic ideas for dungeon gimmicks and puzzles, and an assortment of one-of-a-kind rings as the primary equipment. It’s not a fantastic game though. It sports a couple unbalanced characters, armature mapping, some embarrassing typos, and has a really abrupt ending. However I have learned from these mistakes and plan to use everything I learned from this project to make an even better game next time.


You can download it and try it out from either of these sources.

Steam Workshop: